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Canadian Owners and Pilots Association - Flight 176 Edmonton City Centre Airport [CYXD] Edmonton, Alberta
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Tours and Special Events   Fly-outs, Tours such as the Century Flight Club.  
COPA Flight 176 - Tours and Special Events - 2017
Century Flight Club 2017 - Kootenays Tour  June 17 - June 23. Penticton, BC This is the ninth tour organized. The 2017 destination is Pencticton, BC with fly-outs planned for various destinations in the Kootenays. 
AIr Rally 2017.  Canada Rally - West Route August 1 - Augustl 14. View the website for more information airrally.com  
Air Safaris International.  This organization plans tours in Canada, Australia and France. Consider this for an alternative exciting adventure for one of your future holidays.  
Crete2Cape  - Vintage Air Rally March 2018 A flying rally across Africa, from Crete to Cape Town, for aircraft built before the 31st December 1949. But “modern” aircraft can also participate. Next tour is March 2018. The Rally relives the pioneering age of African aviation,  truly reliving the 1920s.  As well as the ten vintage (built before the end of 1949) we will have light aeroplanes and helicopters to support this endeavour.. Crete2Cape  
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