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COPA For Kids COPA Edmonton plans a COPA For Kids event each year in August.
COPA Flight 176 - COPA For Kids - 2016
COPA Flight 176 - COPA For Kids 2016 Location : Edmonton / Villeneuve Airport Date : August 27 This year’s COPA For Kids event marked the 5th edition for COPA Flight 176 - Edmonton. It took place at Villeneuve Airport. This year’s event was a huge success. We are still checking the numbers but it was by far our largested COPA For Kids Event ever and may have been a record for all of Canada. Helicopter Video 1 Helicopter Video 2 Saturday August 27th dawned with mid-level overcast and light winds which boded well for smooth flights. COPA Flight 176 volunteers were at the Villeneuve airport bright and early putting the finishing touches on their first COPA for Kids event in two years. Registrations were over 400! The total number of kids flown was about 300. Over 20 aircraft and pilots had volunteered their services for free so this was going to be a really big event. We even had a vintage Bell 47 helicopter fly up from Red Deer to participate! There was excellent support from the members and also from the hangar owners at the airport arranging for the use of their facilities. Very early the kids and their family members started arriving to the registration hangar and confirming their children’s participation. Each of the children was then sent to the next hangar for ground school. The kids were arranged to arrive in groups of 40 and ground school was started at the top of each hour starting at 9 am. After they had completed their groundschool, they were met by their assigned pilots and were escorted to their aircraft for a smooth 22 minute flight over Edmonton and its major landmarks. In spite of the large number of children and aircraft, the operation worked quite smoothly with experienced pilot ground marshals and ATC keeping things running. The parents were all shepherded to a grass area east of the tower where they could watch the entire event. After each flight, the children were taken to a hangar to have their log books completed and their picture taken with their pilot. Then they were taken back to their parents in the viewing area and fed a complimentary hot dog or hamburger and drink. As the day progressed, the ceiling kept lowering so around noon we had to suspend operations for about an hour until the weather improved. All in all, a very successful event that wouldn’t have happened without the tireless work of volunteers! Congratulations COPA Flight 176! Watch for a write-up in the COPA magazine. LINK to EIA report of this event. LINK to EIA Facebook report and photos of this event.
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